Hydrating With Infinit Nutrition, Skratch and/or Both

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  • By Shellie Noisette


Determining nutrition needs can be very difficult and can cause your cycling, workout and training to suffer if not addressed. I often ask our customers how they like to intake their nutrition, i.e. are you a drinker, chewer, like it in shots with gels or feel like you need to eat something. 

Infinit Nutrition is the only company that provides custom hydration and nutrition supplementation and is backed with supported research from staffed physicians, scientist and nutritionist. The Co-founder is a 3x top 10 ironman finisher, triathlete, etc. and recognized the mistakes made with lack of and/or improper nutrition. Infinit provides pre-formulations with a multitude of selections that best fit your personal needs and actual style and workout from a bottle. Infinit believes that their products are not created equal, as their customer base is athletes, coaches, children, clubs, and teams using it to go further and farther over hours of training and/or racing. It is also used by medical patients battling cancer and other challenges relating to weight, protein and hydration sustainability. Infinit uses a 3-blend carbohydrate source; and 3 of the products contain protein. Additional products include caffeine and BCAA blends. Infinit makes selecting and building your profile based upon many factors, you decide:








Another notable product is Skratch Labs. Skratch Labs was developed by a sport scientist and a coach for professional cycling team. Skratch’s mission is to provide people with the inspiration life skills and products to take better care of themselves and their families. Skratch offers hydration drink mix (including an endurance formula), fruit drops, and cookie mix. Whereas Infinit only has drink mixes. Skratch was started with the idea of creating the most natural hydration drink made from food, that taste real and doing same without the gastrointestinal upset, PH in-balance and cramping. The Skratch products (except endurance formula) all last for at least an hour.

Both Infinit and Skratch are naturally derived, gluten free, and vegan. However Skratch is also dairy free, kosher and has a natural smooth taste. Skratch contains more sugar and Infinit contains more calories, this is based on each companies approach to formulation. Skratch has more than just drink mix, it has drops and cookie mix.

Whichever you choose to purchase and use, you can’t go wrong, it is a personal preference. We carry these products in our nutrition section and an array of others that you may like and benefit from. However, what you need to know is that you must hydrate and fuel with more than just water if you intend on keeping your body functioning properly, improving your fitness and performance. Let us help you discover what will optimize and make you more efficient.


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